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SEO Malaysia Process That Ensures A High Google Ranking

99.9% of our clients renew every year, due to their ranking being so high, sales increase massively, opening new branches and expanding their business, for example, moving to a larger factory. This is because all our clients follow the below process. 




Before Subscribing SEO Malaysia:



  • All clients start with a free consultation and a free demo.
  • The client fully understands their SEO strategy.
  • We will provide an SEO strategy that matches client investment vs. competition.
  • We also highlight the future expansion plans for our clients.




After Subscribing SEO Malaysia:



  • We will gather keywords and selling points.
  • We will professionally write SEO content, aiming to make it as short as possible and rich with keywords and selling points.
  • We will use the SEO content to build the website and publish it to all online platforms available.
  • Prepare a real time SEO performance report on Google, as the client desires keyword ranking on Google. This report cannot be found anywhere. We have a team that will physically search for it on Google in real time.
  • By preparing this Google ranking report monthly, we can keep track of our client's desired keyword ranking and ensure it is always growing.

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